Luxurious Satin Nightcap / Hair Bonnet

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Amour Hair & Beauty Luxurious Satin Nightcap / Hair Bonnet
Very comfortable soft sleeping cap/night cap made of satin with a very soft satin liner inside and a long double wrap ribbon.

It is made of silky satin making it smooth and comfortable to wear.
This Luxurious Satin Nightcap / Hair Bonnet can also be worn inside out, making the outside the lighter color and the inside the darker color.

Say goodbye to Dry, Messy, Frizzy and Hair Breakage.
With our  luxurious satin nightcap you will wake up with fresh hair every day. With the long ribbon attached, the nightcap stays neatly in place and is very fashionable at the same time. The nightcap is universal and suitable for all hair types, Yes It Is All texture Inclusive

Why is wearing a Satin Nightcap so Important?

  • Your hair does not rub on your cotton pillowcase while sleeping. which will make it less likely for you to experience Hair Breakage.
  • Less chance of having tangles and knots in your hair.
  • Our Satin nightcap hardly absorbs moisture. This will keep your hair well hydrated.

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